Juice Drinks

We Supply  multiple types of Non- Alcoholic beverages in a variety of packaging formats and sizes.


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  •  250ML x 30 Cans and 330ML x24 cans  are carbonated soft drink or just soft drink, are  beverage typically containing water, fruit juice concentrate, sweetening and flavoring.
  • 240 ML x 24 cans fruit juice in cans  fruit juice-based products,  from the highest quality fruit, expertly blended. With a minimum fruit content of 20%, no artificial additives whatsoever and subjected to only gentle pasteurization, our juice is truly fresh, fruity, authentic – and good for you.
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 240 ML x24 cans Float Juice unique undisputed recipe of fruit juice and real fruit pieces  is today available in a variety of flavors: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Mango and Special Fruit Mix